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Tri-County Pressure Washing

Impeccable Pressure Washing in Millbrook, AL!

With Tri-County Pressure Washing, you can expect an exceptional window cleaning service from our trained professionals! They can provide experience, skills, and excellent results, and it’s easy for them to do! If you live in and around the Millbrook, AL area and you were always expecting a method that won’t have you breaking your back and wasting all your time – you’re looking for our method and detailed movements! We’ll work until everything is sparkling!

Tri-County Pressure Washing

Millbrook, AL 36054

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Our Services

Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

When it comes to the windows at your home, wouldn't you want them to be squeaky clean at all times? That way, you can see outside the beautiful seasons change and the weather that may come about. How about our team scrubbing those windows clean?
Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

While working or welcoming visitors, wouldn't you want to enjoy the view of the outside worked through sparkling windows? We'd like that for you, so how about you let us clean, clean, clean until every part of those windows is spectacular?
Residential Power Washing

Residential Power Washing

You probably want what's best for your family and everyone who visits your home. That begins with every room and corner being exceptionally clean. So, leave the vacuums and detergents and let our team work on cleaning with pressure!
Commercial Power Washing

Commercial Power Washing

Make your commercial property perfect for anyone who works there, visits, or has any business walking inside. Every corner should be spectacular and immaculate, so our techniques will help us take care of that!


by Stephanie Goldman on Tri-County Pressure Washing
Exceptional Window Cleaning Service!

What a professional window cleaning service! I was so impressed with the skills and technique these guys showed when they came to clean the windows at my home! They were true perfectionists! I couldn't have wished for a better team who would care even more than I did about making every inch of my windows exceptional!

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Services List

  • Residential Window Cleaning
  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Residential Power Washing
  • Commercial Power Washing

Washing Every Detail With Care

Pressure washing is something people want to implement when all else has given no results, or at least not the perfect results someone hoped for. After all, when setting out to clean any property, the person in charge doesn’t want to miss a single corner and wants everything to be clean. But that can’t always happen because people are too busy to delve into the process or don’t wish to waste the day trying simple methods to clean deeply-embedded dirt. And when someone gets frustrated over the fact that nothing is happening as they need it to – they start ignoring it more and more. But don’t let that happen to you – get a professional cleaning team to come by and work their magic!

Excellence Runs Within

You can’t go wrong with hiring cleaners whose skills, talents, and desire for excellence come from within. Some people have to try their best to become perfect in something and truly enjoy it – others, like ourselves, have those qualities embedded inside. And that comes easily to us because we can implement new ways to clean your property – it’s a joy knowing we can do so much to help someone get some free time and the immaculate property they hope to have. We don’t want you to exert yourself or put too much effort into anything – especially cleaning. That’s why we offer our perfect technique for perfection!

More Areas We Serve

We chose to serve yet another area because it was our duty to make countless more homes and commercial properties exceptional. But that wasn’t the only reason we expanded our service area. We chose to do so because we wanted people to see our excellent skills and spread the word about our desire to make every inch immaculate with our perfect power washing service!

  • Coosada, AL

Call Tri-County Pressure Washing and ask for pressure cleaning from top professionals! We can tell you how perfect we’ll make your property from corner to corner, or we can come and show you – you choose! If you live in and around the Millbrook, AL area and need something more than regular mopping and vacuuming of the property – you need us! Put us on your schedule to get that exceptional cleanliness without much effort!

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